Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coyote and the Columbia

This semester I am illustrating a Native American tale called the Coyote and the Columbia, written by S.E. Schlosser. It describes how the Columbia River formed.

These are some sketches I've done so far.

Heron and the Hummingbird

Native American folklore often describe how a specific animal or place came to be. I found this to be an interesting basis for my illustration thesis, mainly because of the imagery that came to mind as I read these tales.

Last semester I chose to focus on the tale, Heron and the Hummingbird, which is essentially the tale of the tortoise and the hare. 

My idea was to paint these images onto black illustration board, using silhouettes from parts of the board.

As it turned out I had to do a lot more work than anticipated to get the value to contrast against the black. Since I was working with oils, the board kept absorbing the paint and deepening the value. I had to apply extra layer of medium to the board as a result.

Senior Digital Work

     Hey all! I will be posting some work from my digital painting class this past semester. I was really excited about this class, but I wasn't sure how well I would adjust to Corel Painter, since I had never "digitally painted" before. I felt really good about the program by the end of the semester. Let me know what you think.... Here we go!

So, for our first project we needed to paint a creature made up of a combination of animals. I chose to paint a lady/ crocodile type creature.

Finding someone to pose for the face was a bit challenging...

Next project was to create an interesting environment.

And finally, a book cover.

I spent a good amount of time on the hand on this one, and even had some trouble with the composition, but once I started applying color, it really pulled the image together.

Feedback would be great, thanks!