Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Holidays?

Now, I don't mean to rekindle thoughts of holiday debt here, but I think this festive piece is worth sharing. I made this image for our company holiday party, meant to be printed on a vary large sheet cake. Well, I can't say the outcome was picture perfect, but at least it was delicious.

Baby Shower Banners

Due to recent pregnancies in the office, I decided to play around with some banner ideas for a baby shower. Babies have the cutest stuff!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh, Baby!

I did a simple drawing for my friend's godson as a present for the little boy's Babtism. The drawing is in color pencil on color charcoal paper. He looked so darling in the picture, sitting in his stroller, he made it that much more enjoyable to draw. And the family loved the piece, which makes me a happier gal too.     So cute!

A Logo Made For A King, well kinda.

So I did a logo for a friend over the Summer, using illustrator. The client's company name is Royal Touch Contracting, and he wanted the logo to incorporate a crown and red font. You can see some of my initial sketches for the logo, but I finally decided on more of a type logo to keep it simple. Easier to print, to remember, and all that jazz. 

A friend, gave me the idea of a hand holding a crown, which looked really beautiful in his and my sketches, but I knew the client wanted something simplistic and type based. 

 This wasn't a part of the job, but I wanted to see what it might look like on a business card, so I played around with placement and size, based off of his old business card.

Figure Painting

I took a figure painting class my final year of school and I ended up being very happy with my work. I got a better handle of the medium and learned a lot about many prominent oil painters. I used the class to experiment with my techniques and I felt by the end of the semester, that my skills in the medium had improved tremendously. This class made me want to paint all day. Yay, for messy oil paint and sometimes naked bodies. You have helped me learn.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011